About company

Our Company’s business activity began in 1986 as an one man private business, engager two employees. It’s speciality were repairs.

During expansion it changed form of laws: from one man business, through civil law partnership and finally limited liability company. In it’s rushest period had over 120 employees. It’s range of activity had been extended and includes complex realisation as the general contractor and sub-contractor.

Today, as a limited liability company executes construction works and coordinates works of each branches at the projects with different range of difficulty. Company employees trained technical staff and co-operates with well-tried team of sub-contractors. Company’s specialisation is a complex realisation of the finishing works.

Od stycznia 2018 roku w wyniku przyłączenia firmy Instelekt, świadczymy również usługi w zakresie instalacji elektrycznych (pełny zakres). Zawarta umowa licencyjna pozwala nam na korzystanie z osiągnięć i marki firmy Instelekt a także jej dorobku.

See our realisations

See our realisations